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MPIP Multistep Approach

MPIP employs a multistep approach to: identify barriers to transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored publications and develop viable solutions. Each initiative is based on a foundation of critical insights gained from research among those closest to the process.

  1. Engage in multidisciplinary collaboration at MPIP industry–journal roundtables to gain broad perspectives on the barriers, root causes and unmet needs.

  2. Conduct original research through 1:1 interviews, focus groups or large scale, case-based or attitudinal surveys to gain critical insights.

  3. Build on this research through partnership with stakeholders to develop and refine best practice recommendations to improve standards.

  4. Disseminate findings or recommendations through publications, education and society meetings.

A key MPIP publication Ten Recommendations for Closing the Credibility Gap in Reporting Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research (2012) established the roadmap for MPIP action. Subsequent initiatives were designed to address these recommendations (eg, improving transparency, authorship disclosure, adverse event reporting):

Recommendations for Adverse Event Reporting, guidance for clinically relevant and informative adverse event reporting, to improve patient care and increase the credibility of industry-sponsored publications.

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Five-Step Authorship Framework, a useful tool to help facilitate more transparent decision making for clinical trial manuscripts, published in BMC Medicine.

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Ten Recommendations, a whitepaper outlining recommendations to close the credibility gap in reporting industry-sponsored clinical research, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

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Authors’ Submission Toolkit, an authors’ guide to submission “best practices,” published in Current Medical Research Opinion.

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Enhancing Transparency, a report summarizing proposed solutions from a roundtable meeting of journal editors and publishers, published in The International Journal of Clinical Practice.

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10 Recommendations

  1. Answer clinically important questions
  2. Report all results
  3. Improve COI disclosure
  4. Educate authors on manuscript development
  5. End ghost writing and guest authorship
  6. Improve adverse event reporting
  7. Provide access to protocols
  8. Report statistical methods transparently
  9. Ensure authors can access study data
  10. Support sharing of prior reviews

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Journal Editor Survey

MPIP reports results from a benchmark survey conducted to assess how medical journal editors perceived changes in transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored clinical trial publications over a 5-year period (from 2010 to 2015).

A majority of survey respondents confirmed positive changes in their perception of transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored research. Respondents supported the importance of implementing best practices and recommendations, yet also acknowledged the need for broader adoption of these practices.

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