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Recently Published: Building Transparency and Trust in Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research Through Open Access Publishing

August 24, 2020—Authored by Barbra DeCastro, Anna Geraci, Jayme Trott, G. Peter Snyder, and Yaswant Dayaram, the European Science Editing Viewpoint article examines the challenges around open access (OA) publishing, particularly for industry-funded research. It also highlights why OA publishing, which leads to deeper transparency and research integrity, is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when wider access to research and rapid data sharing are essential to support global efforts to accelerate development of treatments.

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New Blog Post: Diversifying Journal Ratings to Promote Transparency and Reproducibility

August 10, 2020—The Center for Open Science (COS) recently launched its Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Factor to help improve the reproducibility of scientific research. David Mellor, Director of Policy Initiatives at COS, provides insight into how TOP Factor transcends traditional journal impact metrics by rating journals’ policies on transparent research practices. Visit the Transparency and Data Sharing Blog to find out more about journals that implement the TOP open science standards and advocate for measures that promote greater transparency.

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MPIP Launches New MPIP Insights for Authors Module on Conflict of Interest and Disclosures

April 30, 2020—Disclosing complete and accurate relationships and activities in research publications can be challenging for authors. The latest module of MPIP Insights for Authors, How to Disclose Relationships, Activities, and Potential Conflicts of Interest, presents a practical approach to assist authors with carefully reviewing and reporting each type of relevant activity and relationship that could be perceived to affect the objectivity of their work, consistent with the latest advice from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). The video was informed by editors who participated in the 2019 MPIP Journal Editor–Industry Roundtable on Conflicts of Interest.

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Utility of the Open Access Journal Tool for Industry (OA-JTI) Increased with More Journals

February 12, 2020—Feedback on the OA-JTI has been enthusiatic since its debut in August 2019. In an effort to improve the OA-JTI in helping authors of industry-sponsored research find and understand OA publishing options, MPIP added 48 new journals to the tool in the therapy areas of Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Geriatrics, and General Medicine/Primary Care. With this expansion, the OA-JTI is better positioned to meet the diverse OA publishing needs of those seeking to publish industry-sponsored research. This free resource now stores information on OA policies for more than 350 journals representing more than 30 therapeutic areas. MPIP is excited to continue to support authors’ knowledge of available OA publishing options for industry-sponsored research by expanding the OA-JTI in future updates.

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MPIP Launches New Module in the Insights for Authors Video Series: How to Select the Right Journal

November 25, 2019—MPIP Insights for Authors presents advice from journal editors and experienced medical publications professionals on topics relevant to manuscript development and the peer-review process. The latest video of this series, How to Select the Right Journal, discusses the most important criteria to consider when deciding which journal will be the best fit for your manuscript to help ensure that data reach the right audience. This video also features tips on how to avoid predatory journals and suggestions on when to write a presubmission inquiry. Additional helpful resources are mentioned in the video as well.

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MPIP Launches the Open Access Journal Tool for Industry (OA-JTI)

August 29, 2019—The Open Access Journal Tool for Industry (OA-JTI) is the newest open access resource designed by MPIP to enable authors and publications professionals to easily find journals for publishing open access industry-sponsored research. The OA-JTI conveniently houses information for more than 300 journals in over 30 therapeutic areas. Users can filter journals by therapy area, publisher, copyright policy, open access article policy, and open access journal publishing model for industry. It is also the first bespoke tool for authors of industry-sponsored research who seek to publish in a journal that best fits their open access needs. Additional journals will be added to the OA-JTI in 2020 to maintain support for the open access publishing needs of industry.

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MPIP Endorses the Joint Position Statement From AMWA, EMWA, and ISMPP on Predatory Publishing

August 15, 2019—MPIP fully endorses and supports the recent joint position statement from The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) on the harm of predatory publishing to the scientific literature and greater community. All those involved in publishing research results should make judicious efforts to assess the history and activity of the journal prior to submitting their work. MPIP will continue to assist with educational initiatives on this important matter.

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Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO) Publication

June 14, 2019—In Volume 35 Issue 7 of Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO), MPIP steering committee members authored the results of a study that aimed to determine how changes in transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored clinical trial publications over 5 years were perceived by experienced medical journal editors. The article, titled Transparency and Credibility of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Publications: A Survey of Journal Editors, describes the perceived improvement in transparency of clinical trial results, but highlights the need for continued education and progress in adopting best publication practices.

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MPIP Sponsors AMWA Webinar on Open Access

April 3, 2019—MPIP developed an American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) webinar titled, Open Access: A Primer for Medical Writers to help medical writers of all experience levels improve their understanding of open access publishing and learn more about open access models, licenses, and resources in collaboration with AMWA. The 1-hour live webinar, hosted on the AMWA website, was presented by MPIP steering committee member Amy Foreman-Wykert, PhD, CMPP (Amgen).

MPIP Launches MPIP Insights for Authors

February 12, 2019MPIP Insights for Authors is a series of short videos, developed in consultation with medical journal editors, to help authors improve quality and ensure credibility when submitting manuscripts to medical journals. These videos pair insights from journal editors with advice from experienced publication professionals, offer tips and suggestions for manuscript development, and provide examples of what to do and what to avoid. Each video is designed to be succinct and stand on its own; viewers can watch one or more in the order they find useful. Additional resources are provided for those seeking more detailed information on specific topics.

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MPIP Sponsors ISMPP U Webinar on Open Access

January 30, 2019—MPIP collaborated with the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) to develop a 90-minute live webinar, free to the public, to help enhance understanding of the open access landscape, aimed at publication professionals and the greater scientific community. This special session, with a record number of participants, consisted of an informative presentation, panel discussion representing various perspectives, and a Q&A session where attendees posed questions to the panelists about open access.

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MPIP Open Access Reference Site

October 2018—Growing advocacy for transparency and access to results of clinical trials has prompted considerable debate on the topic of open access publishing and highlighted a lack of common understanding of what open access is, why it is important, and how it works. Consistent with our goal of promoting greater transparency in industry-sponsored publications, MPIP has developed this primer to raise awareness of open access, including its importance in meeting shared transparency goals.

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AMWA Journal Publication

October 2018—In the Sounding Board section of the fall issue of the AMWA Journal, MPIP Steering Committee members authored their perspectives on the role of medical writers in supporting transparency. The article, titled Medical Writers at the Core of Transparency, is a short piece on the important role that medical writers play in ensuring the development of transparent clinical trial publications.

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MPIP Launches YouTube Channel

January 4, 2018—MPIP is now on YouTube. Subscribe to the MPIP YouTube Channel and stay tuned for future videos.

MPIP Hosts Webinar on Recommendations to Improve Adverse Events Reporting

September 22, 2017—MPIP hosted a webinar on the publication, Recommendations to Improve Adverse Event Reporting in Clinical Trial Publications: A Joint Pharmaceutical Industry/Journal Editor Perspective. BMJ. 2016;355:i5078. Presented by co-author Jesse Berlin, ScD, VP and Global Head of Epidemiology, Johnson & Johnson, the webinar gave an insightful overview of the recommendations, which help authors better identify, communicate, and display clinically relevant adverse event information.

MPIP Launches Transparency and Data Sharing Blog

August 3, 2017—Do you have a role in transparent data reporting for industry-sponsored research? MPIP has invited society, industry, and publishing experts to share their perspectives on transparent data reporting. The blog posts currently featured provide expert clarification and perspectives on the ICMJE data sharing statement. Stay tuned for new topics throughout 2018!

MPIP Launches “What Transparency Means to Me”

May 8, 2017—Do you believe that reporting of industry-sponsored research in peer-reviewed journals should be transparent, balanced, and timely? Do you believe that ensuring transparency in medical communications represents an ethical imperative? Let your voice be heard, and tell us what transparency means to you!

MPIP Launches Transparency Matters

November 16, 2016—A new initiative of MPIP designed to raise awareness of the importance of transparency in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research and its impact on credibility. The goal is to broaden the conversation around transparency in medical publications, promote best practices, and engage interested parties in this important mission.

News relating to Recommendations to Improve Adverse Event Reporting in Clinical Trial Publications: A Joint Pharmaceutical Industry/Journal Editor Perspective. Lineberry N, Berlin JA, Mansi B, et al. BMJ. 2016;355:i5078

October 11, 2016—EQUATOR highlights MPIP reporting guidelines, noting that the five consensus recommendations supplement the guidance contained in the CONSORT Harms Extension.

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October 10, 2016—Knowledgespeak highlights MPIP recommendations to improve adverse event reporting.

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October 6, 2016Clinical Informatics News summarizes MPIP recommendations to improve adverse event reporting.

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New Look for MPIP Website

October 3, 2016—We’ve updated our website with a new look and feel to coincide with the publication of Recommendations to Improve Adverse Event Reporting in Clinical Trial Publications: A Joint Pharmaceutical Industry/Journal Editor Perspective in The BMJ. The website update will make finding information about MPIP and our initiatives much easier, including content devoted to The BMJ article.

New MPIP Guidance on AE Reporting Now Available

October 3, 2016Recommendations to Improve Adverse Event Reporting in Clinical Trial Publications: A Joint Pharmaceutical Industry/Journal Editor Perspective provides guidance on clinically relevant and more informative adverse event reporting to improve patient care and increase the credibility of industry-sponsored publications published in The BMJ.

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MPIP Launches a Twitter Feed

October 3, 2016—Follow and visit us on Twitter .

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September 6, 2016—MPIP is now on LinkedIn .


April 11, 2016—MPIP authors presented their abstract, Transparency and Credibility of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Publications: A Survey of Journal Editors (CMRO. 2016;32(S1):S13) at the 2016 ISMPP meeting. As part of the poster tour at the meeting, our poster received many reviews and questions from those in attendance.

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Five‑Step Authorship Framework in the News

October 24, 2014—Medical Publishing Insights & Practices (MPIP) Publishes Five‑Step Authorship Framework to Improve Transparency in Disclosing Contributors to Industry-Sponsored Trial Publications.

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