Insights for Authors

Video Series

Developed in collaboration with medical journal editors, MPIP Insights for Authors is a series of short videos to support authors and publications professionals in developing industry–sponsored research publications. MPIP Insights for Authors contains guidance and best practices for all stages of the publication process, from first draft development to navigating the peer-review system.

Viewers of the videos will find tips and suggestions for manuscript development, examples of what to do and what to avoid, and resources with more detailed information on specific topics. Each video is designed to be succinct and stand on its own, so that viewers can watch one or more in the order they find useful.


Special Points to Consider When Publishing Pharmaceutical Industry-Sponsored Research

How to Identify and Minimize Bias in Publications

How to Meet Expectations of Journal Editors and Peer Reviewers

How to Select the Right Journal

How to Disclose Relationships, Activities, and Potential Conflicts of Interest


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