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MPIP Open Access Overview Mini Module Series

There are many facets to open access publishing. These short videos provide an overview about open access, why it’s important, how and where to publish open access, and common challenges.

Mini Module 1: What Is Open Access and Why Choose It? (03:25)

Watch this video to gain a quick understanding of open access publishing and its importance.

Mini Module 2: How and Where to Publish Open Access Research (02:59)

Watch this short video for tips on how to identify open access journals and where to find open access publishing options for industry-funded research.

Mini Module 3: Barriers to Open Access Publishing (03:30)

Watch this video for a quick overview of the challenges and common misconceptions about open access publishing.

Open Access Reference Site

Growing advocacy for transparency and access to results of clinical trials has prompted considerable debate on the topic of open access publishing and highlighted a lack of common understanding of what open access is, why it is important, and how it works. Consistent with our goal of promoting greater transparency in industry-sponsored publications, MPIP has developed a reference site to raise awareness of open access, including its importance in meeting shared transparency goals.

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Open Access Quick Reference Guide

Handy, printable pocket guide to various OA models and licenses.


Enhanced Publication Options Navigator

The easy-to-use Enhanced Publication Options Navigator (EPON) resource replaces the Open Access Journal Tool for Industry (OA-JTI) tool with expanded information on journal options to help authors and publication professionals find detailed information on open access (OA) publishing, enhanced publication content (EPC), and plain language summaries (PLS) by journal and therapeutic area. This free and unique resource provides information and publishing options from more than 450 journals. Click the link below to use the tool.

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