Transparency Pledge

1,133 Transparency Pledges received!

In November 2016, MPIP initiated a call to action to encourage individuals to show their support and commitment to transparent publication practices for pharmaceutical and biomedical research. Through May 2019, when the pledge drive closed, over 1100 individuals, including professionals from biopharmaceutical companies and medical communication agencies, demonstrated their support for this objective by taking the following Transparency Pledge:

I pledge to support the timely, accurate, complete, balanced, and transparent reporting of industry-sponsored research results in adherence with appropriate guidelines and ethical standards 1) to ensure practitioners have access to full information when making treatment decisions for their patients; and 2) to foster a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and trust among authors, the pharmaceutical industry, and medical journals/editors to facilitate this process.

MPIP thanks all of those who expressed their commitment to transparent reporting of industry-sponsored research. Be sure to visit the Transparency Matters homepage for new initiatives, news, and educational resources.


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