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MPIP Insights for Authors

Developed in collaboration with medical journal editors, MPIP Insights for Authors is a series of short videos to support authors and publication professionals in developing industry–sponsored research publications. MPIP Insights for Authors contains guidance and best practices for all stages of the publication process, from first draft development to navigating the peer-review system.

Viewers of the videos will find tips and suggestions for manuscript development, examples of what to do and what to avoid, and resources with more detailed information on specific topics. Each video is designed to be succinct and stand on its own, so that viewers can watch one or more in the order they find useful.

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Journals Accepting Specialized Data

Many journals accept specialized data that are especially important when it comes to transparency. We've assembled a fairly comprehensive, searchable list that can be used to identify journals that align with your manuscript content for a variety of atypical scenarios.

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Featured Publication

Recommendations to Improve Adverse Event Reporting in Clinical Trial Publications: A Joint Pharmaceutical Industry/Journal Editor Perspective, published in The BMJ in October 2016, provides guidance on clinically relevant and more informative adverse event reporting, to improve patient care and increase the credibility of industry-sponsored publications.

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Transparency Matters

Transparency Matters is a global educational platform and call to action that raises awareness of the importance of transparency in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research and its impact on credibility. As part of Transparency Matters, MPIP launched What Transparency Means to Me to broaden the conversation around transparency in medical publications, promote best practices, and engage interested parties in this important mission. This platform creates a space for those involved in reporting research results to share their perspectives on why transparency is essential to patient care, scientific understanding, and credibility, and how it can best be achieved when disclosing research results.

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Medical Publishing Insights & Practices (MPIP) was founded in 2008 by members of the pharmaceutical industry and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) to elevate trust, transparency, and integrity in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research. The major goal of MPIP is to encourage more effective partnership between trial sponsors and medical journals to raise standards in medical publications and expand access to research results.

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