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Transparency Pledges
taken to date!

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All Entries Sorted by Name

Click to view the contributions of individuals to learn more about what transparency means to them.

Allison Galway

Al Weigel

Andrew Freeman

Bernadette Mansi

Bill Mulligan

Carolyn Hustad, PhD

Christine Vanderlinden

Christopher O'Toole

Duprane Pedaci Young, PhD

Frank W. Rockhold, PhD

Graeme Peterson

Greg Connel

James Cozzarin, ELS, MWC™

Jessica Lauschin

Joanne Waldstreicher, MD

John Dixon

John P. Gonzalez, PhD, CMPP

Joseph S. Bertino, Jr., PharmD, FCP

Laura McCormick, PhD

Laura Paglione

Lisa Bullard

Mary Rofael, MD

Mukund Nori

Murray Stewart

Paul Farrow

Peter Llewellyn

Robert E. Enck, MD

Roseann Affinito

Sandra Ibrahim

Shalini Murthy, PhD

Soheil Chavoshi

Stephen Marchant


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